It is possible to create prints on canvas today. These prints have many unique features when compared to conventional paper prints. You should understand several important points if you are interested in canvas prints.

Canvas Prints Are Lasting and Durable
Prints that are made on traditional papers are vulnerable to a number of types of damage. Prints that are done on canvas are far more lasting and durable. Canvas cannot be easily ripped, punctured or folded. Prints on canvas tend to be more lightfast than prints on conventional papers. The canvas does not warp or deform because of humid conditions. Canvas can even resist some types of staining. Prints that are made on canvas can last for decades or longer with the proper care.

The Prints Have a Distinctive Texture
Most people are familiar with the smooth or glossy texture of prints that are done on paper. Canvas is completely different. Canvas has a textured surface. You are able to see the woven fibers that make up the canvas sheet. There are even synthetic canvas options available that have a similar texture molded into the surface. This texture can give your prints a distinctive appearance. The texture can add depth to certain images. It can even provide a painterly effect when used for prints of images that have been digitally edited.

Large Prints Can Be Made
There are few size restrictions when it comes to canvas prints. Canvas is available in large rolls. It is possible to create canvas prints that can cover an entire wall. The only limits are based on the size and power of the equipment used to make the print. Exceptionally large images can be printed on multiple smaller pieces of canvas and then positioned together to create a final large picture.

Canvas Prints Can Be Stretched or Mounted In Different Ways
Prints on paper can be mounted for display in only a few ways. Canvas prints allow for far more options. The print could be stretched on a frame like a painting. It could be matted and mounted like a traditional print. It could even be mounted on a surface without a frame. This allows for more options when displaying your canvas print.